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The Albukhary Foundation was established in 1996 by Malaysian businessman-philanthropist Syed Mokhtar Albukhary. Inspired by the Muslim values of Taqwa (Faith) and Ehsan (Compassion), the Foundation is modelled upon the belief that commerce and charity are interconnected. As a result, a portion of income earned from business is channelled to charity.

Islam urges the quest of knowledge for society to advance, and the Albukhary Foundation puts this into practice. Its primary focus is education as a means to empower the poor as well as forge greater understanding between Muslim and non-Muslim communities. In addition, the Foundation is committed to health & welfare programmes that are aimed at giving the poor the dignity of life. While responding to appeals from people, regardless of culture or creed, the Foundation also addresses issues pertinent to the ummah, especially with regard to Muslim scholarship and Hajj pilgrimages.

The Foundation’s programmes are implemented by three entities: the Albukhary Foundation Head Office, the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia and the Kompleks Ilmu Sharifah Rokiah.

Over the years, the Albukhary Foundation has grown to have an international presence, just like the Albukhary Group of Companies. This affirms the notion that commerce and charity can move in tandem.

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